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Dear Friend,
Are you feeling stressed out? Has life gotten the better of you? Do you feel like there’s no more time for your dreams and wishes?

Are responsibilities slowly eating away the last memories of what you once wanted?
Yeah… wanted. YOU.
You must have already forgotten what it’s like to have your own desires, whether those that require being paid for or simply those that you just lack the time for.

Just think, when was the last time you did something other than:

  • Wake up without feeling excited about the new day
  • Go to work feeling sleep-deprived
  • Get home feeling exhausted
  • Go straight to bed to get just enough sleep to make it through another day
  • And on and on it goes… Am I right?

And all the while you know that you
were destined for something else,
for something better’

You are not alone.

I know that you could feel it once: the potential in your bones, the desire to make it, to enjoy the world and all its possibilities, smells and colors.

Just think about it: do you see others explore the world and experience life, look at the pictures from their travels and think ‘This could be me’?

People have generally forgotten that they deserve to have a piece of this planet and to explore that very planet on their own.

We are not slaves who need to forget that they can experience the world with their senses.

Unfortunately, more and more people are being forced to forget about themselves and enjoying life in general - we are so used to the fact that we need to work hard to survive that leaving your daily routine would feel like committing a mortal sin.

But let me ask you this, and I want the real you that’s somewhere down there, somewhere deep inside:

‘Since When Are We Not Allowed
To Enjoy Life?’

Now, I know that you’re probably thinking: ‘What’s with this happy-go-lucky guy and his attitude?’ and you’re wondering why the hell are you still listening to me, right?

Well… Are you still here?

I know you are. And that’s because I know that you’re aware of the fact that I’m not talking nonsense here. You can relate to what you’re hearing because you miss having wishes and plans for the future, plans other than ‘work hard for ridiculous pay, because there’s no alternative’.

Let me tell you a little secret… You don’t have to work hard to earn money.

I know you don’t believe me now, but you’ll change your mind once you’ve heard what I have to say.

I know that some of you might feel that I’m not an appropriate person to talk about these things, because I myself have never hit rock bottom when it comes to business, but I ‘d like you to hear me out.

I need you to know who I am and my aspects on life before I even dare to think about offering you advice.

I Could Have Had It All
On A Silver Platter

Now, this really is true. You see, I was very lucky: I was born in a loving family on LongIsland and I had the picture-perfect childhood filled with wonderful summers in the Hamptons with my family, Disneyland, long bike rides and traditional miniature golf games.

My dad owned a manufacturing company and while I was in high school, he thought that I should join him on his business trip to Hong Kong. Oh boy did I love this, the entire experience was magical - the sounds, the smells, everything was overwhelming. I enjoyed traveling around China and while my dad was visiting with our vendors, I was taking up local culture.

This was literally the experience that marked my entire life.

And that is something that everyone should have the chance to enjoy. My dream is to enable it to as many people as possible, because I know from personal experience that the world is full of good people who work too hard for their money, and have no time to experience life the way they should. But, I’m getting ahead of myself, I want you to know a bit more about my life, because I’m

sure you would like to know whom you’re dealing with.

As it happened, three years later, I applied for a job at Apple in one of their retail stores on Long Island and they hired me - within one year I became the #1 part time salesman in monthly sales, making up to $100 000. It was a great experience, and I progressed mentally as well as professionally.

But, after a year and a half I decided that I’d go and work for my dad’s company because I saw that there was real opportunity for personal growth there. When I joined the company I was working as a design coordinator.

‘I Got No Special Treatment,
Pay Or Leeway, And I Wouldn’t
Have It Any Other Way’

I’ve been working there for a year when I had to go on a trip to China with the NY team to ensure that production started smoothly - it should have been a 4 week trip, but it quickly turned into 6 months, 6 months turned into 1 year etc…

I became a Hong Kong resident and after a while I met my future wife in China.

When you live your life with an open mind, all sorts of opportunities and experiences appear.

It so happened that I went to Israel for a 10 day trip and fell in love with that country - I simply had to go back there, so I took a leave of absence from work and moved there with my girlfriend also moved there after a couple of months.

We travelled all over Europe and had the time of our lives.

Everyone should be able to enjoy life to the fullest - and that includes travels, nothing enriches your life like traveling.

Once we found out that Katy was pregnant (!) we packed up our apartment in Jerusalem and moved back to China. On November the 2nd, our little daughter Yonah was born.

No experience whatsoever could compare to the joy I felt that day.

After many complications, including Chinese laws and regulations and US visa process for Katy, we managed to move to New York…That was 2 years ago. I am now the VP of the company which is world’s leader in luxury packaging for cosmetic, fragrance, wine and spirits.

I have a large team of people working for me - I oversee all development, production, risk assessment, customer support and sales, worldwide.

Why Is This Guy Bragging And Bothering Me With His Life Story?

Is that in your mind now?
I can understand that, but let me give you a different perspective: why does my life story sound like bragging to you?

I know that a lot of people aren’t as lucky as I am: many have to struggle to survive
and haven’t even been able to leave USA nor would even think about it.

I have many friends who are in the same position as you probably are: stuck in their 9-5 jobs, just trying to provide for their families, simply trying to make ends meet.

Then again, I have other friends who are more like me, in the sense that they have travelled a lot and had many work experiences. What’s interesting is that the people who can relate to my life story never think that I’m ‘bragging’ or ‘shoving it up their face’ while those that are in a not-so-great position sometimes mind hearing those stories.

They are all my friends, I know they are great people. They are all great persons.
This got me thinking…

How Can I Help Those That Aren’t As
Lucky And Enable Them To Choose
How They Spend Their Days?’

My name is Joshua and I want to share how I managed to help the people I love: my friends and family, to have it all: the time, the money and the freedom to spend their days wherever and in which ever way they want.

I realized that I can’t simply hire everyone to work at my company: not all of them are qualified, or would even feel comfortable working for me.

This got me thinking - where can I find an easy way for them to earn money and have more free time to spend the way they desire?

I started thinking about the age we live in and how quickly things are changing…why are they changing so quickly?

‘The Internet…That’s It!

I got interested in the whole make-money-online stuff. Thanks to the connections I made over all those years of doing business I easily made contact with some people who were already into online marketing business.

They advised me where to go and which websites to look at first and before too long I knew enough to have a pretty good idea how everything goes.

I consulted with online marketing experts and I gathered all those precious pieces of advice they gave me.

I decided to test out my knowledge and experience and to have a go at this marketing business stuff!

But In Spite Of All My Efforts
And Enthusiasm Things
Didn’t Work Out So Great’

Yeah… I had hoped that everything will turn out great if my intentions are good and if I have enough faith.

I was wrong.

You see, I had all that experience with people everywhere around the world, businesspeople and clients…but I had never before had anything to do with online business.
The problem was that I tried to approach it the way I was used to and that simply isn’t how it goes in the online marketing business, at least not today.

Internet marketing is much more sophisticated now, and you have to know how to approach your potential clients - the key word being ‘potential’…

When I think about it now, I would say that my approach was probably a bit too in-your-face. I was used to communicating with people directly since I never had to persuade them that something was worthy of their time and money - the ones I had been doing business with already knew what we dealt in.

I contacted those friends that taught me the ropes to online marketing and found out that indeed, my approach was not that subtle.

Without The Right Advice I Can
Offer You Will Surely Fail

I thought I knew it all, and it turned out that I had a great basis - I just lacked that certain finesse.

I slowly started building my style and, to cut a long story short, I managed to grasp the art of online marketing so well that the same people who introduced me to the whole business asked me for advice themselves!

Again, I’m not bragging, I just want to say that when I take up something I seriously invest myself in it and do it the best way I can, and, without false modesty, I usually do a pretty good job of it…when I know how, of course.

And online marketing is something I can say I’ve mastered. After testing out my new approach myself, I found out that it was VERY successful.

The wheels started turning in my head and I was ecstatic once I realized that not only will I be able to teach my friends how to take advantage of this immense field of opportunities but I could have easily retired myself and just keep doing what I was doing then, and still earn loads of cash.

I was thrilled to see that all my friends who I carefully instructed on how to approach this field, all of them were successful - and then it struck me: Why should only my friends be able to earn money without breaking a sweat?

There are many good people out there who all deserve a break from their daily routine and a chance to spend their lifetime enjoying the world around them the way they wanted, and that’s exactly why I would like to present you…

My Online Income Blueprint

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This is a course which will teach you all the techniques and tricks that I use to nail those sales.
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Why would I say that? Well:

That’s why I want to share this course as much as possible and provide good people who want to listen with some advice that really works.

And actually, I’m not just offering you pieces of advice… I’m offering you complete guidance - you will get a step-by-step walkthrough of my system and here’s exactly what I’ll show you in it:

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  • How to set up a squeeze page that will catch you subscribers like crazy
  • How to create and build a special connection with your subscribers and thanks to that make them your own money-generating machines

And so much more!

Please, don’t think that some of those terms are something that everyone is familiar with - I know that I, for one, certainly didn’t know all the ‘words’ when I just got into this business and I still managed pretty well. I know that you can, too.

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You just have to realize that owning money, and owning enough of it to be able to fulfill your dreams shouldn’t be considered a luxury anywhere.

We all have this one life and we should cherish others and before all, we should value ourselves.

I just want you guys to be able to choose from the display of possibilities that life has for you - you deserve that.

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